Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stylish and sexy denim for your laundry basket

When searching for British-manufactured jeans, there’s a new brand that shouldn’t be missed. Laundry Maid has recently launched a range of extra flattering women’s jeans and we love their sleek shape! Co-partner Barbara Graham has helped to develop these tailored garments and believes that they are both sexy and flattering on the female figure.

Each pair of jeans feature a signature back panel that effortlessly lists and shapes the rear, making for a really smooth and side seam free fit. Available in super skinny, high waisted skinny and tailored designs, the garments are all stocked at along with the unique upcycled jeans and jodhpurs that make a change from traditional plain denim.

All of the jeans have been fit tested on varying shapes and sizes to try and ensure that every girl, no matter what her body shape, will look great in them!

Catherine May

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