Monday, 8 November 2010

Love Want Need!!!

Is your iphone or blackberry looking a little blah? then liven it up with one of these sleek and sexy eel skin cases, the new addition to the BoBelle London family! It's a must-have for every fashionista out there, not only is it stylish from the outside, the phone case also boasts a gorgeous deep red lining, now that's what I call a Love, Want, Need in my books! 

The Apollo cases fit the iphone 3 and blackberry curve costing only £30.00! Got an iphone 4? don't despair the Apollo 2 designed to fit the iphone 4 is out later this month, happy days for all!

Now I'm looking forward to what founder Clare Watt-Smith will introduce to us next.... want to see more of Bobelle London's products? check out BoBelle London online!

Nyla Sammons

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  1. These are amazing! I love Bobelle stuff...already have the handbag. Might be one for the Christmas list. beautiful!