Monday, 1 November 2010

The magic of Inika

I was very excited to see the Inika range and meet Miranda Bond, one of the fabulous founders, why? because as a lot of you all know, good ethical make-up that gives you good coverage and has a range of colour is pretty difficult to come by....

When asked what type of foundation I use, I was pretty pleased to report I use mineral foundation from a brand I thought was pretty credible only to find out they use bismuth oxychloride, which is a skin irritant..... oh yes it seemed I had got it wrong with millions of other ladies no doubt! I was pleased to hear Inika is completely free from harsh chemicals, fillers, talk, bismuth oxychloride, GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives and fragrance. 

I was happy to receive the kabuki brush which in my opinion has to be the best brush I have ever come across! not only does it feel incredibly soft and silky on the face, it helps give you great coverage too which is essential to any brush and priced at only £23 you would be crazy to use any other brush. The Inika eye shadow range is pretty Fab too, with an array of colours, ideal for day and nights on the town!

Both founders Miranda Bond and Jenny Williams, wanted to create a comprehensive range which would marry all natural cosmetics with incredible performance and colour for women who care about their skin and environment and what a range it is!!! To see the full range you can visit their website or visit a store they're stocked in and you'll be pleased to know Inika  launches a new limited edition shade each season and word has it next season it will be luscious peach!

Nyla Sammons

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