Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Give your skin five-a-day

Raw Skin Food brands itself as giving you skin one of its five-a-day. And there’s no doubt that these ranges of vegan skincare will give you more goodness than rubbing a carrot into your skin. The majority of the organic products contain vitamins with the coconut butters being rich in both Vitamin E and Vitamin C Beta-Carotene. 

We all know that different skin types need to be treated in different ways and Raw Skin Food are more than aware of this. They cater for extra dry, sensitive and normal skin with products ranging from cleansing oils to moisture mist sprays.

The ingredients used read like a fine dining menu, with avocado, lemon grass and mango standing out as some of the more exotic components of the products. All products are available to buy online from www.rawskinfood.co.uk

Catherine May

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