Monday, 12 April 2010

Natural and Organic Products Europe 2010

Yesterday I headed on down to the Natural & Organic Products Europe Expo. in Olympia to check out all things Natural and Organic in the beauty world.

Finding good anti-aging skincare products are hard to come by, however if you’re a fan of the benefits of consuming Pomegranate you might be interested in the Weleda Pomegranate range. Made using organic pomegranate seed oil which helps promote skin renewal and firmness, enhancing your skin’s vitality and protecting against skin-damaging free radicals. They smell fruity and yep kind of yummy too!

We all know a lot of that extra weight in out suitcase is generally down to all our skincare and beauty products, but who can blame us, we do want to look good on holiday! but if you’re practical like me (on a good day) grab yourself some handy travel size products. Lavera have recently launched a travel size kit containing a Gel Cleanser, Toner and Oil-Control Lotion. These essential products contain Organic sage essential oil which helps reduce excess oil while reviving the senses, perfect to help control the shine when on holiday!

I was super excited to come across Pai at the show as I am currently using the Geranium and thistle cream, which has a nice lightweight texture, which I love! Pai is free from artificial colours, fragrances and chemicals, the ingredients used are so fresh that their sell-by date is stamped on the bottle.
The Natural and Organic Products Europe Expo is still on for one more day –

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