Monday, 12 April 2010

Evie Collins underneath the Spotlight

1. How important is a Daytox?
Urban Daytox is important if you value great health and well-being and the information you learn is highly beneficial for this.
It is also an essential element to include into your lifestyle:
- if you are stressed out or want to learn more about detoxing and cleansing or
- as a maintenance in between longer, deeper cleanses.

2. When did you start Urban Daytox and what was the reason behind starting it up?

I started Urban Daytox in September 2009, I started Urban Daytox because I wanted to show people how to look after their own health using nutrition and simple techniques that can easily be made part of their lifestyle. Also to provide a peaceful healing, supportive space to learn about detoxing, relaxation and try fasting. 

3. What does a day entail at your studio?
As well as being a juice-fast day, the Urban Daytox Wellness Session provides you with enough information required to fast safely at home and the skills to begin to look after your own health. It runs over one day and incorporates yoga, meditation and informative sessions on adopting a healthier lifestyle, from juicing, alkalising, to raw food and health techniques.
The schedule of the day is varied to suit the needs of the class but generally incorporates:
- Morning and afternoon yoga and meditation sessions
- A nature walk meditation (weather permitting), or a guided meditation.
- Three lovely, nourishing juices throughout the day
- Three nutrition and wellness coaching sessions
- A take-away pack containing detailed handouts of all the information and techniques taught during the day.
Our aim is for you to leave feeling healthy, relaxed and inspired and most importantly, armed with a toolbox of great new health techniques that you can start to incorporate into your daily life.

4. How do people feel after they have had the Daytox?
It varies depending on the individual. Generally people feel either calmer, more relaxed, happier, re-energised, less stressed, inspired or motivated.

5. Do you offer any other services on its own, such as yoga or meditation?
Other services include: weekly yoga classes in Barnes on Thursday at 7pm. One to one yoga sessions and nutrition coaching. 

6. Do you have any plans to expand in the near future?
I would like to start 7 day detox retreats in a gorgeous sunny destination. 

7. What is your top green tip?
My top green tip: Start sprouting! It’s an easy, quick way to make nutritious, energised food and it saves money. 

8. What do you do to relax?
To relax I love swimming in the sea, picnics in Richmond park, horse riding.
Urban Daytox is a MUST! have a look at my review below or have a look at the website -

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