Monday, 12 April 2010

My Juice Fast Experience at Urban Daytox

When I was offered the chance to do a juice fast at Urban Daytox in Barnes with Evie Collins, based on the theory that a day of fasting each week is beneficial to both body and mind. I thought great, this sounds like a good challenge!

The morning started off with a juice, mixed with cabbage, beetroot, apple and carrots and yes the thought of such a mix didn’t excite me either, however it was surprisingly quite tasty, even though it contained cabbage, a vegetable I’m not a huge fan of, the beetroot and apple added a nice sweetness to the juice.

Evie Collins our nutrition coach and yoga teacher spoke to us about the reasons for a one day juice fast and why it’s so important to heal the body and mind, followed by a crash course in the benefits of the vegetables and fruits we were consuming on the day, so far so good I thought!

We then headed to the yoga mats to do an hour of yoga to awaken our mind and body, only having done yoga a few times I thought it better to take my position at the back of the class so I didn’t make a fool of myself. It wasn’t too much hard work but I did find I struggled with some of the positions. Every so often Evie came over to see how I was doing, the genuine attention from Evie was a nice feeling, as it can feel extremely intimidating when you’re the least flexible out of the group.  I enjoyed the meditation which followed after, this me-time was fantastic! I normally find it extremely difficult to switch off, but being in such a serene environment with soft sounding music it was easy to release all my tension and zone out for half an hour.

We then continued to listen to more nutritional advice from Evie, this time on the importance of raw food. Half way through the talk we had our second juice, again surprisingly nice, and at this point I was really starting to enjoy the juices  and feeling a lot more alert.

During the talk on health tools we were all given two freebies, a shower brush, to help our blood circulation flow and remove dead skin cells and an enema kit, which is good for cleaning the colon. Perfect to use in the privacy of your own home, just make sure your not expecting a delivery from the postman or plumber that day, you don’t want any interruptions…….

After doing another session of yoga and meditation we headed on back to the table to have our last juice, this time it contained green leafy vegetables, which I’m glad was left to the end as it had to be the strongest out of all the juices, and one which will definitely have to grow on me! The day ended with us all having a chat about how we were all feeling followed by our first meal of the day, miso soup which was delish!

I must say the day experience with Evie really exceeded my expectations, I learnt heaps of nutritional advice, met a lovely nutrition coach and yoga teacher, left with some fantastic freebies and most importantly felt a great sense of well-being.

Would I do it again? YOU BET CHA I will – It was much-needed and you would be happy to know I know look out for juice bars instead of coffee shops when I’m out and about, sadly there are a lot less and generally I have to settle for a juice in a coffee shop, but I have hope for change one day!

Sounds like something you would love to do…… you can book your place by contacting Evie Collins at Urban Daytox on 0208 274 9206 or email her on Visit for more information. The first session costs £95.00 for the day!

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