Friday, 22 October 2010

Leblas ‘Fluid’ collection

Necklaces aren’t just a bit of metal that hangs around your neck, at least the latest collection from Leblas suggests otherwise. Pieces from the new Fluid collection flow down to shape into the contours of your body. With each ring of recycled sterling silver so intricately attached to the next, you can truly appreciate the effort that gone into creating this beautifully crafted jewellery. With a choice as to whether you’d prefer the necklace coated in 18ct gold, the large necklaces would suit any outfit – particularly those with a lower neckline. 

Designer Arabel Lebrusan has spared a thought for all occasions with the necklace also being available in a smaller shape for a more subtle, yet just as sophisticated, look. If you want to find the perfect accompaniment to one of these necklaces, then you’ll be troubled to find anything more complementary than the matching bracelets and earrings. 

The latter fall from your ears in the same way that a waterfall cascades, reminding you of the name of the collection once more. Fluid is definitely a collection you shouldn’t let run away from you!

Catherine May

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