Sunday, 17 October 2010

The honest truth – no need for embellishments!

Embellished truth’s latest offerings are certainly not ones that you’d want to miss. The oversized shoulder bag, the ‘Duchess’, does have something distinctly regal about it. The detailed, hand embossed pattern on the outside of the bag displays the effort that’s gone into its product whilst the variety of colours that it’s available in (black, grey and chocolate brown) mean that there’s plenty of choice!

For a more casual shoulder bag, the ‘Empire’ has a classic look about it in the petrol blue. Simple detailing has a great effect on the design with its sharp lines creating an elegant look. Whilst these aforementioned bags are a bit of an investment – each comes in just over £400 – the ‘Catalina’ bag is priced at the much more amicable sum of £265. With similar hand embossing to the ‘Duchess’, this twisted handled bag houses plenty of pockets making it a very practical purchase.

If you’re not in the market for a new bag, but fancy treating yourself or a friend to a little something, then the leather cuffs make great gifts. Ranging from £8 to £12, they would make an original present idea without demolishing your bank balance!

Catherine May

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