Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Big Swish at Amika

Gorgeous in presentation and delicious in taste! Love these cupcakes from Cakes by Olivia Rose 

We were treated to a make-over from Arbonne, love their foundation!

We were also treated to skincare treatments from Raw Skin Food and amazing massages from owner Clare, J'adore!

The swishing begins

As an avid clothes swapper, going to The Big Swish on Thursday was just what my wardrobe was calling for! Hosted in the swanky venue Amika in Kensington, I knew we were all in for a treat!

I headed on down early so I could get in on the complementary treatments from Raw Skin Food and Arbonne and what a treat I got especially the amazing massage from Raw Skin Food, just what the doctor ordered! I was lucky enough to be near the front of the que and being (I might add) a semi-pro at swishing I dashed around with one thing in mind, grab something FAB and the opposite of what you would normally buy..... Why? well it makes it that much more fun!

I got an oversized patterned bag (from the designer section), a yellow faux-fur cardigan, a fuchsia pick handbag and a handful of accessories! Would have loved to get a lot more, but the clothes went quick, as in 20mins quick (well the best stuff anyway) so next time I'm going to book VIP! That 5 minute head start will make me and my wardrobe a lot happier!


  1. I'm envious of your great weekend!


  2. Great blog! Glad you had a good time too! I love your tactic of getting items you wouldn't normally wear!

    I'll put a link to it on my blog if you like, if you'll do the same.


  3. Arghh, totally missed out on those cupcakes. Definately with you on arriving early too. Although didn't do too badly in the end. Check out my haul:

  4. Thanks ladies, love your blog posts too!