Monday, 7 February 2011

Ute Decker

Exciting times are upon us thanks to jewellery designers Ute Decker and Linnie Mclarty who have come together to show their unique designs in a pop-up shop on London’s distinctive Columbia Road.

Both designers have very different styles to their jewellery, however, what brings these two together is that they are the first to use certified Fairtrade gold in their creations.

Ute Decker’s brilliant sculptural designs will sit alongside Linnie Mclarty’s delicate, shell and flower like shapes as they take over a gallery space, which you can see and be the first to commission between 6th – 27th February. If you’re looking for that something extra special around Valentine’s Day then I recommend you take a look!

To see the designers’ beautiful collections go to

Learn more on Fairtrade gold at

Alanna Skelton

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