Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Vintage

Wrapping up warm this winter has just been made ultra stylish with these silk scarves from ReLUXE.

Vintage lovers, be aware! ReLUXE have collected vintage silk scarves to create these treasures and lavished them with fringing to update the luxurious classic pieces. Everything they use also comes from the UK so their not just upcycling but lightening the carbon footprint as no shipping from overseas is required!

There are four to choose from in blue, green, gold and burgundy. The most exciting thing about these gems is that each is a one-off so for £49 you can buy a truly unique timeless accessory that is both new and vintage. These bad boys are available to buy at

Alanna Skelton


  1. They're lovely, but I can't wear scarves with tassles - I get attacked by my kitten. The frills bring out her killer instinct!! ;0)

  2. Oooooo yeah I can see your point :)