Monday, 6 December 2010

Estethica Press Launch

Oh how the months fly... First week in December, which could only mean one thing in the world of ethical fashion.... estethica! Always on the look out for lots of colour and a design you would be proud of, I was struck by this brightly coloured dress from Lu Flux made using ribbons, and may I add finely made luxury ribbons at that!

Oh what a DRESS! What to welcome the New Year in something truly special? well ladies your in luck, this extraordinary dress is now available from Lu Flux! 

Ever thought loose vintage buttons and broken broaches equaled GLAM? When you come across Little Glass Clementine you will... I absolutely adore these pieces, a narrative of collected treasure, precious gems and recycled objects.

The bigger the better is what I say!

Uber cool jewellery from Sagen made from recycled China porcelain

Very delighted to see the EJF launching another Fab T-shirt, designed by Kenzo and even more delighted to hear that they will be available in a loose fit! As I must say a loose fit tee with leggings and a pair of  high heels is a MUST!

A great line up for the Q and A!

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  1. oooh, looks like you had loads of fun Lupe. Can't wait for the article x