Monday, 16 August 2010

Fly my way Butterfly

The award winning Makki have just announced their new Butterfly Collection using their favourite material: eel skin. Eel skin is a by product of the catering trade, meaning that no animals have been purposely harmed in the creation of the range. With these skins being softer than cow hide – and stronger – they are the ideal material for handbags and clutches. Not only does its texture make it a great alternative to leather, it looks just as stylish as well.

It’s the shape of these bags that I really love; they aren’t your average rectangular design. The shape rings true to the collection’s name with the symmetry, creating the wings of a butterfly. The yellow and black ooze power, reinforcing the idea that this is a collection that really makes a statement.

With great ethics behind these accessories and sharp designs, it’s no wonder Makki won Fashion Product of the Year 2009. It was very much deserved and I believe that this new collection will be just as successful! The new butterfly collection will be available on the Makki website soon

Written by Catherine May

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  1. love love these handbags and eel skin who would have thought it x