Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cute coin purses from da Lata

Continuing the theme of turning drinks packaging into something more stylish, da Lata have turned the trivial ring pull into a range of cute coin purses.

Each purse is handmade in Brazil, with the ring pulls being collected by local people, which are then linked together using traditional crochet techniques. The purses come in a range of colours and sizes, with my favourite being the flower coin purses for their small circular shape, meaning that they can fit into even the smallest handbag.

The larger, rectangular limited edition gold coin purse has a more classic look to it though. The thread and lining are gold too, matching the ring pulls, and the silver zip adds a slight contrast which finishes the product beautifully.

Prices range from £18 for the flower purses to £24 for the limited edition gold coin purse, you can check them out on the da Lata website
Written by Catherine May

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