Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stylist Lupe Castro give's an insight into her world

1. Do tell the ethical heaven readers a little bit about how you got into fashion styling? 
Mmm hard one fashion is just the way I see the world but I guess it was just about hanging out around designers and photographers, being me and always thinking I could do it just a little bit better and seeing the spectacular in everything!

2. Who is the best designer out there today?  
You have to be joking! I fall in love with different designers all the time it’s like a painting one day you’re in zinc with the romantics another the cubists , pop art etc... am going through a upcycling  phase at the moment so it’s got to Junky Styling`s new AW collection , From Somewhere collaboration with Speedo or Debbi little and Christopher Raeburn! Also I think Maria of plastic seconds and Alexandra Abraham are so so pictorial!

3. Briefly tell me about a typical day as a celebrity/wardrobe stylist. 

Well there are never 2 days the same! Sourcing is paramount so a large large cup of strong tea followed by a quick nifty on the web on the lookout for new designers collections then a visit to studios and shops to see the quality and a try out!

4. What’s a great fashion tip that you can share with ethical heaven readers? 

Pick your best feature, it could be arms, legs, face, hair and then really really really work it! 3 seconds is what I reckon anyone has to create an impression so make sure you highlight your best bits FAST!

5. Have you styled any celebrities? 

Mmm yes but am I allowed to say can’t remember but I think its one of those things where the celebs in question have to be the ones to spill the beans!

6. How would you love to style?  
Eclectically and mixing glamour with restraint and quality! But of course a BIG SUPRISE!

7. If you could pick 3 fashion must-haves that every woman should own, what would they be?  
A crisp white shirt! Tailored jacket and a beautiful long sensuous dress! Elena Garcia and Nancy Dee are really superb at the latter!

Need to know more about Lupe Castro, have a look at Lupe's blog ( you can take a peak at what she's up to!

Nyla Sammons  

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