Friday, 14 January 2011

Entice Spring

If you’re sick of the rainy weather - like me - then let shoe designer Hetty Rose brighten up these dull days. Her floral designs of the new ready to wear collection are sure to entice Spring a little closer.

Hetty Rose is known for bespoke hand made shoes with suited Japanese names for the designs such as Yuki and Nanami, as the materials used are vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. The new ready to wear collection offers the same quality and style as the bespoke service but between £180 and £205 depending on the design you choose. And there are five to choose from! 

My favourite is the Mami design with a vintage kimono fabric in black and cream with peach flowers, a metallic pink heel and completed with an attractive bow. If you’re looking for something more practical but with a twist then check out the Haruka classic flat or Kiki court shoe.

Now available to order online at
Alanna Sketon


  1. These were on The Guardian blog yesterday. They are absolutely divine. I think I'm going to have a long hard look at my bank statement to work out how I can get a pair. I'm sure there room for manoeuvring in there somewhere.

  2. I know they are gorgeous! Sample sale in London next month, will be up on the blog in FEB. x