Monday, 13 September 2010

The new A/W collection from Elena Gracia

I love the Japanese influence in the new A/W Elena Garcia’s Opium Collection. The Cutwork Kimono is made with a delectable organic silk satin and has been hand-dyed with metal free dyes to create a statement look. Similarly, the Angelina Cutwork Dress is made of the same satin with lots of detail around the neckline to capture the attention of those around you.

It’s not just the theme of the collection that has been well thought through – it’s the versatility of the clothes as well. The Angelina Cutwork Dress can just as stylishly be worn as an off-the-shoulder top as it can be as a halter neck dress. And the Cutwork Skirt/Dress can, as its name suggests, be worn with a top or on its own as a dress.

This is the genius behind the collection – when you’re trying to convince yourself that you really do need that new dress, you’ll undoubtedly realise you can as it’s not just one piece that you’re investing in. Contrasting this range of styles, the pieces each come in just two colours: deep aubergine and coral red. Whilst some may see this as an inhibiting factor, I feel that the colours both have a warming feel to them that you would definitely find yourself falling in love with one or the other. The collection will be available online soon.

Written by Catherine May

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