Friday, 16 July 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful

Feeling bold and in need of a splash of colour to brighten up your day? Then experiment with the flamboyant and ultra stylish statement pieces from Uncommonly Beautiful.

There is no denying I'm a huge fan of bold colours but what I love more about Uncommonly Beautiful is how each piece has been put together! These one off accessory pieces demonstrate an imaginative approach to transforming waste into something so unique and gorgeous! Using found furniture and recycled materials which include clock parts, scrap leather, broken jewellery and gift wrapping. After seeing such beauty I will never look at a broken piece of jewellery the same way again...

Wish there was a way of sending all my broken jewellery to a magical place to give them a new lease of life.... maybe designer Kirsty Kirkpatrick will welcome them with her gifted hands!

You can see her gorgeous designs on

Written by Nyla Sammons 

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